Lely Welger
  • Lely Welger
  • Secure synchronised chainless drive

    In order to guarantee the accurate timing of all components over the entire lifetime of a baler, the packers and knotters are driven entirely via torsionally rigid shafts and gears. From the main hypoid gearbox, the drive is transmitted via a drive shaft and angular gear to the packer, knotter and needle drive. No chains or belts are used; even the pick-up is driven with a shaft. This increases reliability as well as minimising the amount of maintenance work required. Complex work with tensioning and lubricating chains / belts is a thing of the past.

Lely Attis
  • Lely Attis
  • Fast pick-up and gentle discharge of bales

    Lely Attis round bale wrappers are fitted with different systems to pick up and lower bales. Yet they have two things in common. They place the bale on the wrapping table effortlessly, without impairing the shape of the bale and the bale is always lowered gently to the ground avoiding film damage. Both the Attis PT and PS 160 models allow simultaneous transport of bales on the wrapping table and on the loading arm.