Lely Lotus
  • Lely Lotus
  • All you have to do is pick it up!

    During the tedding operation all crop material should be moved to enable easier raking and an even drying process. Contamination through soil, manure or old crop remnants is totally unacceptable. In that context, there is no single tedder that equals the adaptability and pick-up capacities of the Lely hook tine.

    Due to its trailing position and innovative design, the Lotus hook tine is far more flexible than conventional tedder tines. The tine follows the contours of the sward so as to eliminate damage to the sward and contamination of the crop. Lotus tedders can be angled forward; this reduces the space between the rotors to a minimum to ensure that the whole crop is tedded in an even manor.

Lely Hibiscus
  • Lely Hibiscus
  • Efficient raking has an effect on your wallet!

    Proper and efficient raking does not only mean that the mown crop ends up in the swath clean and tidy – it is also a preparation for the next harvesting process. So, raking has a great effect on the speed at which the harvesting machines can pick up the swath and that is something you notice in your wallet at the end of the day! All in all – a double effect!